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Where is the produce grown?

A majority of the vegetables are grown on the family farm in Gilcrest, Colorado.  Farming is a weather savvy venture, so to ensure your baskets are full, we do have relationships with neighboring farmers when we need to supplement our crops.

Some crops are later in the summer, but are very poplular, so we do have tomatoes grown hydroponically in a Colorado greenhouse for us until we start to pick our own three acres of field tomatoes.  Greenhouse tomatoes sometimes have a reputation as being green and flavorless, however our locally grown tomatoes are vine-ripened full of scent and amazing flavor.

They are so good you just have to try them to believe the taste and when you do, you’ll be hooked!  We also have a small crop of strawberries we supplement with premium strawberries from a small farm in California with a sweet delicious taste so close even we can’t tell the difference.  Garlic, is a later crop in Colorado, so until September we receive our pesticide-free garlic from Arizona.

We also take advantage of the State’s most popular produce by picking up the famous sweet corn from our friends in Olathe, heading to Palisade for their mouth watering tree-ripened fruit; peaches, pears, plums, apples, and we finally we truck to Rocky Ford for their famous sweet melons.

As famous as Olathe Sweet Corn is, we and many of  our customers boast ’s World Famous Sweet Corn is far better in taste.  My opinion the Olathe is bigger kernel and ships well, while our World Famous ’s Sweet Corn is a smaller and much sweeter.  I really love both!